Sunday 21 January 2018

About Tahoe Project






Tahoe Project envisions a world where society steers attention and capital to enterprises adept at creating environmental, social and economic resilience and prosperity. 




Tahoe Project provides a hub for the exchange of information and the creation of knowledge about the relationship between people and nature.




The Tahoe Project goal is to use innovative approaches to bringing timely, meaningful and substantive topics to the fore of public dialogue in order to direct attention and capital toward optimal enterprises for making quantifiable progress toward environmental, social and economic goals.  




Tahoe in the World | The World in Tahoe




Tahoe Project convenes, hosts and facilitates conversation and curates information on timely, meaningful and substantive topics pertaining to environmental, social and economic goal accomplishment. 




Tahoe Project fulfills its mission by practicing integrity and open, honest communication while encouraging communities’ intellectual growth and collaborative knowledge building. Tahoe Project is committed to independent, non-ideological, non-partisan accommodation of ideas. In the traditions of fact-finding and facilitation in public service, Tahoe Project strives to meet the highest standards of impartiality, accuracy, fairness and transparency. Tahoe Project does not lobby, nor ally with politicians or advocacy groups. Tahoe Project aims to highlight the potential for improved solution-making by; fostering strategic thinking, facilitating productive conversation, promoting regional reflection as a means of collective learning and constructively challenging limiting mental models.




Tahoe Project is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization. Tahoe Project began in 2011 as a web-based platform featuring audio, video and copy on the subjects of economy, government, community and environment. Tahoe Project is incorporated in the state of California. 




Tahoe Project is an open-source hub of activity. Our readers are encouraged to publish our material online, or in print, for free consistent with these conditions.

1. Credit the Tahoe Project and provide a link back to the original story on the website.

2. You may not alter, transform or build upon our work.


Thank you for your interest in the Tahoe Project.


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# Cyndi Davis 2012-02-09 10:38
I just joined the team to put on Tahoe Expo this year. I will be attending the happy movie event. It looks as if we are about the same things, I hope to partner with you in any way! Thanks again for all you do and I look forward to meeting you. Cyndi
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# Alexandra Profant 2013-01-09 17:16
Who is behind this? Since TRPA is featured... where is the transparency required of government?
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