Friday 23 February 2018

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Maintain Roads and Infrastructure for a Clear Lake Tahoe, Kraatz (2)




Peter Kraatz: Maintain Roads and Infrastructure for a Clear Lake Tahoe (2) 10:10


While operation and maintenance of roads is the critical element for the next decade in the strategy to meet the Clarity Challenge and restore Lake Tahoe clarity it is not evident how funds to do the work will be secured. Peter Kraatz, Deputy Director of Public Works at Placer County says in this interview, “I get a lot of complaints about the condition of our roadway surfaces which also adds to the water quality dilemma. We’ve got a lot of roads in Placer County that are already pretty beat up, pretty alligator cracked. That is a reflection of a fund source that just can’t keep up with our road condition, the snow removal we do, all of the things that we do to keep our roads safe. We are maxed out. It goes back to this question of where we find additional funding sources—not only to keep our roads in good condition, a safe riding surface, but also to do the things that we need to for sediment reduction and restoring Lake Tahoe clarity.” 



Existing infrastructure such as roads and bike paths can be operated and maintained to help Lake Tahoe clarity. photo: Tahoe City Bike Path source: Tahoe City Public Utility District


APRIL 2013

Host Michelle Sweeney

Duration 10:10

Part 2 of 3 in the interview with Peter Kraatz


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