Sunday 21 January 2018


Community is about shared laughter, experience, fun and discovery. Sometimes it's about self-reflection or analysis of the world around us. The Tahoe Project COMMUNITY page is a place to share. No matter who you are or where you are in the world if Tahoe is a place you identify with, or is the subject of your ruminations, this is the place to think "aloud" with others who share your interests.

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    Listen to conversations with people who are transforming the greater Tahoe community. 

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    There's so much going on in the communities around the Lake it's hard to keep up with all the fun. Let us know about upcoming events and about your favorite videos featuring Tahoe and we'll share them here!


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    In this category TAHOE PROJECT shares information about community events and discussion topics.

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    On this page the Tahoe Project hosts opinion pieces on community topics. These can be submitted by readers, contributors or editorial staff. Editorial staff pieces are specifically indicated as "Editorial" in the opinion section.