Friday 23 February 2018


  • Lake Clarity ( 16 Articles )
    Green substrate; Source: M. Sweeney, Tahoe Project

    The causes of Lake Tahoe’s clarity decline have been identified as fine sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus. Fine sediment, the greatest contributor to clarity decline, travels to the Lake primarily via stormwater from urban areas.


  • Goals for the Environment ( 18 Articles )
    Emerald Bay

    Environmental Improvement projects are improving the health of Tahoe forests and watersheds, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution and increasing public access to the Lake and other recreation areas.


  • Aquatic Invasive Species ( 7 Articles )

    Invasive species are widely recognized as one of the most significant biological threats the planet’s environmental and economic well being. Lake Tahoe has much to learn and findings to share in the effort to resist and to remove these species. 


  • Tahoe's Nearshore ( 2 Articles )

    Lake Tahoe’s nearshore is the area most people interact with. The ecology of the nearshore is experiencing notable change. Content coming soon.

  • Copy of Economy Videos ( 1 Article )
    Piggy bank Source: istockphoto

    Tahoe Project will bring you interviews and videos featuring information about the Tahoe economy. Coming soon...


  • Environment Videos ( 1 Article )
    South Shore

    These interviews and fun videos feature information about the environment at Tahoe. Check them out.