Friday 23 February 2018


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    Tahoe is a national treasure and as such has benefitted from the shared responsibility the federal government and state governments have taken in protecting the Lake and its environment. Since the bi-state Tahoe Regional Planning Compact was ratified by Congress in 1969 Tahoe has had a unique role in coordinating the efforts of federal, state, local and private partners to protect the environment.


  • Contemporary Role of TRPA ( 10 Articles )
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    The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency celebrated its 4oth anniversary last year. This year it is the subject of legislation in Nevada that calls for the State of Nevada's withdrawal from the Tahoe Regional Planning Compact should several issues not be worked out with the State of California. In this series we will talk to people about the TRPA, its role, its responsibilities and the function it serves on this border between two Western states.


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    Tahoe Project Podcasts bring you opinions, fun stories and insightful analysis regarding issues in the Tahoe Basin.