Cost-Effective Steps to a Clear Lake Tahoe, Larsen (3)




Bob Larsen: Cost-Effective Steps to a Clear Lake Tahoe (3) 8:08



On a dollar for dollar basis annual operations and maintenance activities are more cost-effective at reducing pollutant loading and are cheaper than large-scale capital improvement projects, otherwise known as infrastructure projects. In this interview Bob Larsen, Staff Scientist at the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board points out that, “the challenge that we have right now is to figure out how we can help local government do the more cost-effective operations and maintenance activities that are needed to improve water quality.” Funds for capital improvement projects have historically been easier to secure in the Tahoe Basin than have been funds for ongoing operations and maintenance. This situation is not unique to Tahoe, jurisdictions across the country are seeking revenue sources to meet the need for operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure.



photo: Maintaining and operating roads is a big step toward water clarity. Emerald Bay Moraine © 2013 Michelle Sweeney


APRIL, 2013

Host Michelle Sweeney


Part 3 of 5 in the interview with Bob Larsen

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